Quick Answer: What Are The Origins Of Oh My Lanta Ramada Find This Out?

Why does DJ say Oh Mylanta?

In Full House, the character DJ would use the phrase ‘ Oh Mylanta ‘ when they would see an attractive guy suggesting that they too were in need of this medication to manage their stomach acid. You can also consider this phrased to be used as a replacement for “ oh my God”.

Does OML mean oh my lanta?

What is the meaning of OML abbreviation? The meaning of OML abbreviation is ” Oh My Lanta!”

Who says Mylanta?

Tanner Spills 7 ‘Fuller House’ Secrets That Will Make You Scream ‘Oh, Mylanta!’ Cameron Candace Bure tells MTV News that “Full House” fans are “gonna feel at home again.”

What does Oh my land mean?

Oh my lands! is Old school Southern in origin, short for ” oh my Atlantic Ocean.” Expression of surprise, awe.

What is DJ Tanner’s catchphrase?

List of Catchphrases

Catchphrase Originally Said by
Oh, Mylanta D.J. Tanner -Fuller
Sweet Cheese Kimmy Gibbler
You Got it, Dude Michelle Tanner
You’re in Big Trouble, Mister Michelle Tanner

Why do we say oh my god?

Who uses oh my god? The phrase is widely used among religious and non-religious people in speech, print-based writing, and digital communication as a casual way to express a great range of emotions. It can express joy (“ Oh my god!

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What does OML mean?

OML is an acronym in texting that means oh my Lord, and it’s also a social-media hashtag for the Linkin Park song, ” One More Light.” Related words: oh my lord. NFG. OMG.

What is Mylanta used for?

This medication is used to treat the symptoms of too much stomach acid such as stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion. Aluminum and magnesium antacids work quickly to lower the acid in the stomach. Liquid antacids usually work faster/better than tablets or capsules.

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