Question: How Far Ramada Inn Groton Ct To Mohegan Sun Casino?

What hotels have shuttles to Mohegan Sun?


  • Located less than 1 mile from Mohegan Sun.
  • Free shuttle to Mohegan Sun.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Indoor swimming pool.

How far is New London CT to Mohegan Sun?

The distance between New London and Mohegan Sun (Station) is 10 miles.

How far apart are Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun?

Connecticut has two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, situated about 8 miles apart in Eastern CT. For whatever reason, the MGM at Foxwoods has it’s own website, even though it is connected and uses the same casino chips.

Does Mohegan Sun give free drinks?

If you are a Card member from Mohegan in Connecticut at a higher lever than the entry level player, you may get other drinks at no charge.

Is there a shuttle from Foxwoods to Mohegan Sun?

No, there is no direct bus from Mohegan Sun Arena to Foxwoods Resort Casino (Station). It takes approximately 1h 50m to get from Mohegan Sun Arena to Foxwoods Resort Casino (Station), including transfers.

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Does Amtrak go to Mohegan Sun?

Fast, convenient rail access from major Northeast cities to New London – just 20 minutes to Mohegan Sun – is provided by Amtrak. For more information on Amtrak schedules or to make reservations, call 1.800. USA. RAIL or visit

Which is nicer Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods?

FOXWOODS IS ABSOLUTELY SUPREMELY BETTER THAN MOHEGAN SUN! I have been many times to Mohegan Sun. And I have been many times to Foxwoods. I have stayed in both places overnight and I have eaten in both of their restaurants.

Does Mohegan Sun have a dress code?

IS THERE A DRESS CODE? We do not have a dress code.

How do you get free rooms at Foxwoods?

  1. Sign up for the Foxwoods Rewards players club card at the players club desk or online at
  2. Use your card when you gamble.
  3. Redeem the points you earn for a free hotel stay or other comps such as free meals, show tickets and merchandise.

How do I pick a good slot machine?


  1. Higher denomination slots have higher payback percentages.
  2. Make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpots.
  3. Choose games that fit your goals and playing personality.
  4. Always play within your budget.
  5. Start small to win big, or “prime the pump”
  6. Play machines at the ends of rows.

What is the easiest casino game to win?

Video poker The idea is to make the best five-card poker hand you can, with winnings starting at a pair of jacks or better, hence the video poker game Jacks or Better. Once you get going, it’s one of the easiest casino games to win, in our opinion.

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Which is bigger Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun?

Foxwoods is currently the largest casino in the US and the 3rd largest in the world. It has 4 hotels and several gaming areas. Mohegan is smaller and has 1 hotel and 1 gaming area.

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