Often asked: How Much Is Taxi Fare From Vilnius Airport To Ramada Inn Hotel?

How much is a taxi from Vilnius airport to city Centre?

To reach the city centre from Vilnius airport locals usually pay €5-6. However, if you are a foreigner, taxi drivers often ask for more.

How much is a taxi from Vilnius airport to Old Town?

Vilnius Airport – Old Town (Cathedral Square) – ca. 14 EUR* Vilnius Airport – Konstitucijos avenue – ca. 15 EUR* Most popular routes and their rates:

1 km daytime trip, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 1.20 EUR
1 km outside the city 1.35 EUR
Initial fare 1.82 EUR

Is there Uber in Lithuania?

Uber is available at Vilnius Airport to make your travels run as smoothly as possible, taking you to your hotel or wherever you need to go. Although it has just one runway, VNO is Lithuania’s biggest airport and a major hub for international travel, with just under 5 million passengers served in 2018.

How far is Vilnius airport from City?

Vilnius International Airport is located just a few kilometres from the city centre, and you can reach it fast and for a good price. You can get from the airport to Vilnius by train, bus, taxi or transfer. The cost of the journey by train is EUR 0.72, the journey time is just 8 minutes.

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Do they speak English in Lithuania?

Foreign languages in Lithuania. English is the most popular foreign language to learn today. It is spoken by 30% of total population and 80% of the youth. The older generations are unlikely to speak English, however, as very few schools taught it seriously under the Soviet occupation.

What is Lithuania best known for?

Lithuania is known for its lush, green landscapes, so if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, you should go to the Curonian Spit, Anykščiai, Trakai, or one of the many national parks.

What is the currency in Vilnius?

Euro is the official currency in Lithuania since the start of 2015. If you happen to have Litas from previous visits you can get them exchanged into Euro in the offices of Lithuania bank or some currency exchange points like Currexprime.

What is the main airport in Lithuania?

Vilnius Airport ( IATA: VNO, ICAO: EYVI ) (Lithuanian: Vilniaus oro uostas ) is the international airport of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is located 5.9 km (3.7 mi) south of the city.

How do you buy bus tickets in Vilnius?

Transport tickets:

  1. SINGLE TICKET. On board you may buy a single ticket from the driver.
  2. VILNIEČIO CARD. If you plan spending more time in Vilnius, we recommend you buy Vilniečio Card and top it up with e- tickets or money.

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