How Much Is Parking At Boston Ramada?

What is the cheapest way to park at Logan Airport?

The Economy Lot is the cheapest on-site Logan parking option with a daily rate of $26. The Central and Terminal B and E Garages charge a rate of $35 per day. Off-site Boston airport parking lots offer the best rate of $11-17 per day.

How much is parking at Logan?

Parking at the Boston airport costs $26 per day in the economy lot, or $182 for a week. Boston Logan Airport Parking Rates & Options.

Off-Site Long Term Parking Rate
Daily Parking (Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, & Terminal E Lots) Rate
1 day $38
1 day + 0-6 hours $57
Each additional day $38

Is Way parking legit?

Way has a consumer rating of 3.69 stars from 337 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Way most frequently mention airport parking, car parks and many times.

How much does Logan Express cost?


Route One way fare 10 ride
Back Bay $3 (free from airport) $30
Braintree, Framingham, Peabody, Woburn $12 $75
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Where is long term parking at Logan?

The long – term parking options on-site at Logan Airport (BOS) come in four flavors: Terminal B garages, Terminal E lot, the central parking garage and economy parking. Most of these are located near your gate, but the economy parking lot sits northeast of the airport.

How early should I arrive at Boston Logan Airport?

Massport works with the TSA to monitor security line length and tries to keep the wait time less than 15 minutes; however to avoid any problems, we recommend arriving two (2) hours prior to domestic departures and three (3) hours prior to international departures to ensure adequate time for check-in, security screening

Where do I park to pick someone up at Logan Airport?

Active curbside passenger pick up spaces are available and clearly marked at the arrivals level of every terminal. Curbside Parking is not allowed at any terminal.

Is Itemsway legit?

This company is a scam. Do not order anything from them. Be aware. They are quick to take your money but you will never receive it.

How do I cancel way com parking?

To cancel, you may Email to [email protected] or call the Way Customer Success team at (408) 598-3338. For any changes in travel dates, you’ll need to cancel and rebook your parking reservations. Canceling and rebooking your reservations can be easily done by emailing or calling us at (408) 598-3338.

What is way app?

The Way App combines all the things that you and your car need. It’s the top-rated parking app to book airport parking, hourly parking, monthly parking, city parking, and more. It’s also a car services app, a car insurance app offering free auto insurance quotes and the best car wash app.

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Can you walk from Logan Airport to downtown Boston?

It is technically possible but not advisable. Bear in mind that you can get on the Silver Line buses for free at Logan Airport and make it to downtown Boston in less than half an hour. The Silver Line runs every ten minutes or so and picks up at each terminal, so it is quite convenient.

Can Uber go to Logan Airport?

Ride to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) | Uber. All Uber pickups at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) have moved to the Central Parking garage. To reach the new pickup locations, head upstairs to the elevated pedestrian walkways and follow signs for Central Parking/Ride App Pickups.

Is Logan Express free?

The Logan Express bus ride to Logan Airport takes approximately 20 minutes, more during rush hour periods. It stops at all terminals. The fee will also drop from $7.50 to $3 for a ride to the airport, and FREE from Logan to Back Bay.

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