How Far Is The Ramada At The Stadium From The Nashville Convention Center?

How far is the Inn at Opryland from downtown Nashville?

The Gaylord Opryland Convention Center is part of the Gaylord Opryland Resort and is 10 miles northeast of downtown Nashville. The next closest hotels are to the north along TN 155.

What is the best part of Nashville to stay in?

Whether you are exploring this music-centric city for a family vacation or business trip, downtown is the best place to stay in Nashville. It is also an expensive area to stay, and exudes a lively atmosphere.

What part of Nashville is Nissan Stadium in?

Nissan Stadium is located on the east bank of the Cumberland River, across the river from downtown Nashville and has a seating capacity of 69,143.

What street is Music Row on in Nashville?

Situated southwest of downtown, Music Row is home to several businesses and attractions related to the city’s musical heritage. Considered the heart of Nashville’s entertainment industry, the Music Row area is centered on 16th and 17th Avenues South, which are known as Music Square East and West respectively.

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Where do the celebrities go in Nashville?

So, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to celebs, most celebrity homes in Nashville are actually in Brentwood or Franklin, TN. These are two of the most affluent suburbs in the Nashville area.

Can you walk from the gulch to downtown Nashville?

The Gulch It is walking distance to downtown, SoBro and Midtown, but chockfull of its own attractions, primarily shopping-, eating- and drinking-oriented (what else do you need?). EAT: Celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman’s local outpost, Adele’s Nashville, doesn’t have a celebrity feel—it is delicious and welcoming.

What is the bad side of Nashville?

Where Are The Worst Neighborhoods To Live In Nashville For 2021?

Rank Neighborhood Population
1 Haynes Area 7,150
2 Talbot’s Corner 12,018
3 Buena Vista Heights 1,103
4 Woodycrest 1,355


Where should I not live in Nashville?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Nashville, TN

  • West Meade. Population 469. 307 %
  • Salemtown. Population 341. 267 %
  • Heron Walk. Population 11,940. 248 %
  • Glencliff. Population 7,729. 243 %
  • Haynes Area. Population 7,150. 230 %
  • Bordeaux. Population 5,092. 153 %
  • Talbot’s Corner. Population 12,018. 149 %
  • Inglewood-Riverwood. Population 7,184. 124 %

Is downtown Nashville Safe 2020?

OVERALL RISK: LOW. In order to remain safe in Nashville, tourists will need to keep in mind many things related to staying safe while traveling. Generally, the city has instances of criminal acts both in public places and in the means of transport, but vigilant tourists usually remain trouble-free.

Which state is Tennessee in USA?

Known as the Volunteer State, Tennessee is located in the Southern Region of the United States, more specifically the Southeast. Tennessee is considered part of Appalachia, along with eight surrounding states. Elevation Levels.

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State Name Tennessee
Area 109,153 km²
Area Ranking 36
Capital Nashville
Statehood Year 1796


How far is Nashville from Gatlinburg?

How Far is Gatlinburg From Nashville? Gatlinburg is an easy 222-mile drive from Nashville along I-40, and with some nice adventures along the way.

How far is Nashville from Pigeon Forge?

There are 182.29 miles from Nashville to Pigeon Forge in east direction and 213 miles (342.79 kilometers) by car, following the I-40 route. Nashville and Pigeon Forge are 3 hours 19 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Nashville, TN to Pigeon Forge, TN.

Can you drink in the streets in Nashville?

According to an analysis from Metro Council, Section 7.24. 040 of Metro Code currently bans people from “possessing any alcoholic beverage in an opened glass, aluminum, or metal container in an area generally open to the public unless the premises is licensed for on-premises consumption.”

What is the street in Nashville with all the bars?

Many of Nashville’s famous nightspots are found on Broadway between First and Fifth avenues—better known as “Honky Tonk Row.” The most famous is Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

What bars are on Music Row in Nashville?

The 10 Best Bars In Music Row, Nashville

  • Bound’ry Restaurant. Restaurant, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, $$$
  • South Street Restaurant. Bar, Restaurant, American, Vegetarian.
  • Rebar. Bar, Pub, Wine, Beer, Pub Grub, American.
  • Tavern. Gastropub, Pub, Pub Grub, American, Wine, Beer, $$$
  • Winners Bar & Grill.
  • The Corner Pub.
  • Dan McGuinness.
  • Losers Bar.

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