Readers ask: What Are The Exports, Jobs, And Agriculture In Morocco?

What are the main exports of Morocco?

The three leading exports are agricultural produce (citrus fruits and market vegetables), semiprocessed goods and consumer goods (including textiles), and phosphates and phosphate products. Major imports are semimanufactures and industrial equipment, crude oil, and food commodities.

What are the main industries in Morocco?

Economy of Morocco

Main industries Phosphates, rock mining and processing, high tech, food processing, leather goods, textiles, construction, tourism, automobile manufacturing
Ease-of-doing-business rank 53rd (very easy, 2020)
Exports $44 billion (2020)


What is Morocco’s agriculture?

Moroccan agriculture is divided into three major sectors: Modern, private, irrigated, highly capitalized, and export-oriented farms producing mostly fruits and vegetables; Agriculture within large scale dam-irrigated perimeters producing dairy, sugar, seeds, fruits and vegetables primarily for the local market; and.

What food does Morocco export?

Morocco’s agricultural exports are primarily horticultural products, including fruit (particularly citrus fruit), fresh and canned vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes and beans) and cut flowers.

What can you import from Morocco?

The major U.S. imports from Morocco include salt, sulfur, electrical equipment, fertilizers, woven apparel and agricultural products such as olive oil and processed fruits and vegetables.

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Are Moroccans wealthy?

The statistics appeared on the 2019 Global Wealth Report, published by Credit Suisse Research Institute on October 21. The report detailed wealth distribution in Morocco. Out of the 23.6 million adults in Morocco, 75.5% have a net worth of less than $10,000 (around MAD 90,000).

Is Morocco a poor country?

The living standards in Morocco is rated as low. It is by international standards that Morocco is considered a poor country. Out of the 35.2 million population of the country in 2018, some of them are poor and at risk of poverty. It is ranked as the fourth most impoverished country in the Arab world in 2013.

What Morocco is famous for?

7 Spectacular Things Morocco is Known For

  • The Sahara Desert. When most people choose to travel to Morocco, it’s to see the famed Sahara Desert.
  • Hassan II Mosque.
  • Mint Tea and Pastries.
  • Majorelle Garden.
  • The Architecture.
  • Todgha Gorge.
  • Tagine.

Is coffee grown in Morocco?

Moroccan agricultural production also consists of orange, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, and olive oil. High quality agricultural products are usually exported to Europe. Morocco produces enough food for domestic consumption except for grains, sugar, coffee and tea.

What percentage of Morocco’s GDP comes from agriculture?

In 2019, agriculture contributed around 11.38 percent to the GDP of Morocco, 26.03 percent came from the industry and 50.03 percent from the services sector.

Is rice grown in Morocco?

Morocco – Rice, paddy production quantity In 2019, rice, paddy production for Morocco was 64,598 tonnes. Though Morocco rice, paddy production fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 – 2019 period ending at 64,598 tonnes in 2019.

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What vegetables do they grow in Morocco?

The Moroccan market fruit and vegetable sector covers around 260,000 ha and produce annually around 7 Million tons. It is composed of season crops that are grown in open fields, early-season products for export and industrial crops. Major crops are: Potatos, tomatos, onions, melons, watermelons, carots and turnips.

What fruit is grown in Morocco?

The country is home to gardens of apple, avocado, almonds, bananas, kiwi, plums, persimmons, nuts, grape, pomegranate, and orange trees. In Morocco, oranges and clementines account for more than eight percent of the fruit grown in Morocco.

Do carrots grow in Morocco?

Below is a look into the countries that are known as being among the top producers of carrots and turnips in the world. The Countries Growing The Most Carrots And Turnips In The World.

Rank Country Tons of Carrots and Turnips Produced
14 Morocco 509,370
15 Italy 492,624
16 Kazakhstan 488,820
17 Indonesia 479,366


Where are crops grown in Morocco?

Sugar crops are grown by over 80,000 farmers in the irrigated perimeters of the Doukkala, Tadla, Gharb, Loukkos and Moulouya regions. The sector depends on a surface area of 60,000 ha planted in sugar beets and 16,800 ha planted in sugar cane.

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