Readers ask: Merchant Of Venice Act Two What Does Portia Tell Morocco To Do Before Choosing A Casket?

What does Portia tell Prince of Morocco before selecting a casket?

Answer. after reading the inscription on the caskets Morocco ask Portia how he will know if he chooses the casket portia reply that her portrait will be in the right casket if he select that’s one then she will be his wife.. Thanks!!

What Portia tells Morocco?

The Prince of Morocco addresses Portia by saying, “Mislike me not for my complexion.” He is dark-skinned and aware of the racist ideologies in Portia’s society.

What did Portia tell Morocco before he made his hazard?

Ans. Portia tells Morocco that she is not lead solely by the attractive looks which please a maiden’s eyes. In addition her destiny is to have a trail of chance which bars her from choosing as she might wish.

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Why does Portia ask Morocco to go to the temple before he makes the choice of the casket?

Before he makes the choice of the casket, Portia asks Morocco to go to the temple to swear on oath that if he makes the wrong choice, he will never again speak to any lady on the subject of marriage.

Why did Prince of Morocco reject the lead casket?

Answer. Prince of morocco rejected lead casket as he thought it would be a sin to think that portrait of such a beautiful lady like portia would be inside such a cheap metal and also he thought that a wise lady like portia must be nothing less then gold.

Why does Morocco reject the lead casket?

At Belmont, in a room in Portia’s house, the Prince of Morocco surveys the three caskets — one of gold, one of silver, and one of lead. Morocco reviews the inscriptions again and rejects the lead casket as being not worth the high stakes for which he gambles.

What will Morocco do to prove his bravery to woo Portia?

What proof does Morocco give for his bravery? Answer: Morocco tells that he is ready to stand comparison with the fairest man bom in the northern region. Let both of them make deep cuts in their veins to draw blood to prove her love.

What can Morocco do to win Portia?

Answer: Morocco would be happy to perform these three things to win Portia: he would outstare the sternest eyes that look, he would pluck the young suckling from the she-bear, he would mock the lion when he roars for prey.

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How does Prince of Morocco try to impress Portia?

He has come to attempt to win Portia ‘s hand by selecting, between three, the casket that holds the picture of Portia. If he chooses correctly, Portia will be his wife.

What does Jessica tell Lorenzo is worth the pains?

Answer: Jessica tells Lorenzo that the casket full of jewels gold and money is worth the pains.

Why did Morocco choose the golden casket?

Prince of Morocco’s choice is straightforward. He chose the gold casket because it seemed the most obvious, and most desirable choice. If gold represents “what many men desire” then Arragon’s powerful belief in his own superiority to the fool multitude that choose by show, makes him reject it.

What does Portia mean by hazard?

Answer: hazard means danger.

Why does Morocco suggest his and fair people’s hands?

To prove that his blood is the reddest (redder than the fairest man of the North), the Prince says that he would make an incision or cut on his body.

Which casket did Morocco finally choose?

Prince Morocco chooses the gold casket, and Act II, Scene VII is dedicated mostly to walking us through his reasons behind the choice. The prince is trying to win Portia’s hand in marriage. In order to do so, he must pass the test Portia’s father has created for any of her potential suitors.

What final instruction does Portia give to Morocco before he is late to make the choice?

Answer. Answer: before he is led to make the choice, Portia tells Morocco that he must take a chance. he must either leave the matter altogether and not make the attempts or swear in the Chapel before choosing that if he makes the wrong choice, he will never again speak to any lady on the subject of marriage..

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