Quick Answer: Why Does Morocco Choose The Gold Casket?

Why did Morocco choose golden casket and Bassanio choose lead casket?

Bassanio refuses gold because he knows that “all that glisters is not gold.” He also refuses silver, calling it “common drudge ‘tween man and man,” as coins are. He chooses lead because he knows that true worth lies inside, even if the outside doesn’t look like much. The lead is more like HIM than like Portia.

Why did Prince of Morocco not choose the silver casket?

He is quite sure that he deserves Portia; he deserves her “in birth,” “in fortune,” “in grace,” “in qualities of breeding,” and most of all, “in love.” Yet, ultimately, he rejects the silver casket because he refuses to believe that Portia’s father would “immure” a portrait of his treasured daughter in a metal “ten

What does a gold casket mean?

If the suitor chooses the correct casket, he wins Portia’s hand. The gold casket is a symbol of greed and of materialistic and shallow people who value surface over substance. Silver, while still precious, is not quite as luxurious as gold. The silver casket symbolizes a more cautious greed.

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Who is the first suitor that actually chooses a casket?

A rich, beautiful, intelligent heiress of Belmont, she is bound by the lottery set forth in her father’s will, which gives potential suitors the chance to choose among three caskets. If he chooses the right casket, he wins Portia’s hand in marriage. Portia (The Merchant of Venice)

Created by William Shakespeare

Which casket does Prince of Arragon choose?

Arragon thus chooses the silver casket, which bears the inscription: “who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” He is very confident when he makes his choice and says, “I will assume desert,” meaning that he will take what he deserves.

What is Morocco’s reason for not choosing lead?

A golden mind does not stoop for displays of what is worthless. He decides that he will neither give nor hazard all for lead. To him lead is too threatening and not worth risking anything for.

Why does Arragon reject the lead casket?

Reviewing the inscriptions, he rejects the lead casket immediately because he thinks that it is not beautiful enough to give and risk all his possessions for. This scene focuses on the Prince of Arragon’s choice of the three caskets. The Prince of Morocco’s choice was straightforward and simple.

What does Portia say after Morocco?

When the Prince of Morocco leaves the place, Portia calls it “A gentle riddance!” and wishes that every suitor like him should make a similar choice.

What does the silver casket symbolism?

In other words, whoever chooses the silver casket is a fool who’ll get what he deserves (a picture of another fool). Finally, the lead chest, which is made of a very humble metal, seems to symbolize inner beauty and modesty (the exact opposite of the shiny gold casket ) and contains a picture of Portia.

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Who chose the silver casket?

The Prince of Arragon chooses the silver casket in The Merchant of Venice as he agrees with the following saying: “Who chooseth me shall get as

Why is Jessica ashamed Shylock’s daughter?

Jessica speaks to the audience after saying goodbye to Launcelot as she plans her escape. She reveals how she feels ashamed to be her father’s daughter because of his behavior. She also declares her love for Lorenzo and her desire to leave home and become a Christian to marry him.

What was written in all the three caskets?

The Prince of Arragon chooses the casket with the inscription: “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” He figures that if anyone deserves to have Portia, it is he.

Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave for Venice before they get married?

Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave before they got married? Portia allow him to leave because she knows that Antonio is in trouble and that they are best friends. Portia decides to dress up like a man and go to court for Antonio to help him so that Shylock doesn’t receive the pound of flesh.

Why does Shylock want Antonio dead?

Portia asks whether Antonio is able to pay the money, and Bassanio offers Shylock twice the sum owed. She orders Shylock to have a surgeon on hand to prevent the merchant from bleeding to death, but Shylock refuses because the bond stipulates no such safeguard. Antonio bids Bassanio farewell.

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