Question: How To Dial Morocco Tourist Police From Usa Cell Phone?

How do you call the police in Morocco?

For an emergency in Morocco, dial the following numbers: Medical – 190 Fire – 190 Police – 190.

Can you call the police on someone in a different country?

No you shouldn’t dial 911 for someone in another country. if you call 911 you will reach your local police, ambulance and fire. You should encourage the person you are calling for in the other country to dial 911 themselves. This allows them to get local help quickly as well as the type of help they need.

How do I call 911 from outside the US?

911 won’t work but dial 112 from your mobile anywhere in the world and you will get the local emergency services and they can patch you to an english speaker ig neccessary. Well I know it works in Canada. In the UK it is 999 In Denmark it is 112.

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How do I contact emergency in another country?

Call the emergency number for the country you are in so 911 for the US, 999 for the UK, 112 (I think) for much of Europe however most phone providers will route all those numbers to the same emergency operator. Explain the situation to them including that you have heard screaming on an international phone call.

How can I find someone in Morocco?

Search Anyone In Morocco.

  1. Go to You can now search any person in Morocco based on name, email or phone number.
  2. Enter Name, Email or Phone. Just enter the name, e-mail or phone number using the form above and let us do the lookup.
  3. Click on ” Search “

What are the emergency numbers in Morocco?

Emergency & Important Numbers

Ambulance 150
Tourist Police (Brigade Touristique) 0524384601
Police 190

Do all countries use 911?

AP reports that member states have agreed that either 911 or 112 should be designated as emergency phone numbers — 911 is currently used in North America, while 112 is standard across the EU and in many other countries worldwide.

What is 911 in the UK?

999 or 112 is used to contact the emergency services upon witnessing or being involved in an emergency. Callers dialling 911, the USA’s emergency number, may be transferred to the 999 call system if the call is made within the United Kingdom from a mobile phone.

What happens if you call 000 in America?

000 is the Australian emergency number so it will give you a warning before calling emergency services. 000 is the Australian emergency number so it will give you a warning before calling emergency services. Someone prank calls 911.

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What happens if u call 911 in Europe?

Dial “112.” Don’t call 911 as you would in the United States; that number doesn’t work in Europe. Dialing 112 from any country in the European Union ( EU ) will connect you to emergency services, such as police, fire, and ambulance services. These numbers are available from the State Department.

What happens if you dial 999 in the US?

What happens if you call 999 and Cannot talk? Calling 999 and coughing or tapping in 55 on the keypad will signal to the call operator that you are in danger, allowing them to send officers to your location. … However, if they don’t hear anything, the operator will simply hang up.

Which country has 999 as emergency?

All across North America it is 911, and in Britain it’s 999. Well, Britain and Ireland. And Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Qatar, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kingdom of Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe.

What country uses 110 for emergency?


Country Police Ambulance
India 112
Indonesia 112
Iran 110 115
Iraq 112 or 911


What number should you dial for an ambulance?

Four most important emergency numbers: NATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER-112. POLICE-100. FIRE-101. AMBULANCE- 102.

Can I call 999 from abroad?

Using a Portuguese tel number it is not possible to call the UK emergency number 999 from abroad. However the 101 service is only available if you are dialling from within England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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