Question: How Much Are American Schools For Kids In Casablanca Morocco?

How much is Casablanca American School?

Family Rate

Grades Yearly Tuition Fee (MAD*) Per Semester Tuition Fee (MAD)*
N-K 88 678,00 44 339,00
PF-5 117 490,00 58 745,00
Gr 6-8 137,256,00 68 628,00
Gr 9-12 142 744,00 71 372,00

How much is American School in Morocco?

Finances: In the 2020-2021 school year, about 98% of the school’s income derives from tuition and capital fees. Annual tuition rates are as follows: PK (half-day): $7.112; PK (full-day): $13,315; K (full-day): $19,076; grades l-5: $23,361; grades 6-8: $27,168; and grades 9-12: $27,362.

Are schools free in Morocco?

Education in Morocco is compulsory through to age 15 and free. Notwithstanding this, many children in rural areas (especially girls) fail to attend.

What is the best school in Casablanca?

George Washington Academy Casablanca Established in 1998, George Washington Academy is one of the top 10 international schools in Morocco. Empowering, inspiring while building characters of its students, the school provides a premium education based on excellence, integrity, and values.

Is Morocco a poor country?

The living standards in Morocco is rated as low. It is by international standards that Morocco is considered a poor country. Out of the 35.2 million population of the country in 2018, some of them are poor and at risk of poverty. It is ranked as the fourth most impoverished country in the Arab world in 2013.

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Can girls go to school in Morocco?

Primary education is free in Morocco – In Morocco, public schools, including most universities, are tuition-free. However, many rural families must weigh the indirect cost of sending their girls to school when they would otherwise perform necessary domestic labor at home.

What are schools like in Morocco?

Morocco’s education system consists of 6 years of primary, 3 years of lower-middle / intermediate school, 3 years of upper secondary, and tertiary education.

What is the best school in Morocco?

2021 Moroccan University Ranking

sort by: rank a-z town oldest filter by: public private non-profit for-profit
# University Town
1 Université Cadi Ayyad Marrakech
3 Université Mohammed V Rabat
2 Université Al Akhawayn Ifrane


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