Often asked: Why Girl’s Education In Morocco Needs More Than Money?

Why is female education better?

Poverty Reduction: When women are provided with equal rights and equal access to education, they go on to participate in business and economic activity. Increased earning power and income combat against current and future poverty through feeding, clothing and providing for entire families.

Do girls in Morocco go to school?

Primary education is free in Morocco – In Morocco, public schools, including most universities, are tuition-free. However, many rural families must weigh the indirect cost of sending their girls to school when they would otherwise perform necessary domestic labor at home.

How many children do not attend school in Morocco?

Even though the number has dropped over the last few years, it remains too high. In reality, this scourge affects 69,000 children (huffpostmaghreb, 2015).

Does Morocco have good education?

Literacy. The Maghreb region has low rates of literacy. In Morocco, the adult illiteracy rate is still high at around 40 percent in 2007, despite concerted efforts being made since independence in 1956 to reduce the rate of illiteracy which at that time was 87 percent.

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Is Morocco a poor country?

The living standards in Morocco is rated as low. It is by international standards that Morocco is considered a poor country. Out of the 35.2 million population of the country in 2018, some of them are poor and at risk of poverty. It is ranked as the fourth most impoverished country in the Arab world in 2013.

Is education free in Morocco?

Education in Morocco is compulsory through to age 15 and free. Notwithstanding this, many children in rural areas (especially girls) fail to attend.

Is homeschooling legal in Morocco?

Homeschool is technically illegal in Morocco. However, once a child is 16 school is no longer compulsory.

Are there private schools in Morocco?

1) Most people prefer private school to public schools. Under Morocco’s Family Code children are required to attend school until age 16 (though many poor children don’t attend at all). Public schools are available though the general consensus is that they are underfunded and overcrowded.

What is a school day like in Morocco?

Schools start in the middle of September and run through June. Students in public and private Moroccan schools generally have Wednesday afternoon off, based on the French system. Students in public school also have Friday afternoon off, but attend school all day on Saturday.

What is the main religion of Morocco?

According to the Moroccan constitution, Islam is the religion of the state, and the state guarantees freedom of thought, expression, and assembly.

What age do children start school in Morocco?

Education is mandatory for children between the ages of 7 and 13 years. In urban areas the majority of children in this age group attend school, though on a national scale the level of participation drops significantly.

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What cultures are seen in Morocco?

Morocco’s culture is a blend of religious and ethnic traditions, encompassing Berber, Arab, African, Mediterranean, and Jewish influences. Greetings involve a handshake and friendly inquiries after health, happiness and family – no business is discussed until after these pleasantries.

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