Often asked: Many Of The Immigrants Who Have Left Morocco And Algeria Have Moved To This European Country?

What major event led to European colonial presence in Southwest Asia?

Group Of Answer Choices A Rise Of Internationalist Policies In Europe At The End Of The Nineteenth Century Development Of Major Explosives Defeat Of The Ottoman Empire In World War I Expansionist Influence Of Conservatives In Britain Declining Attraction Of Islam.

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Which country of southwest Asia and North Africa has the largest known oil reserves?


Question Answer
The largest oil reserves in the North Africa/Southwest Asian realm are located in: saudi arabia
Which of the following countries is not located on the Arabian Peninsula? libya
The United Arab Emirates includes the oil-rich sheikhdom known as: abu-dhabi


What is the major problem that Southwest Asia and North Africa is most likely to face as a result of global climate change?

What is the major problem that Southwest Asia and North Africa is most likely to face as a result of global climate change? Sea level changes will threaten farmlands in the Nile Delta and warmer average temperatures will likely increase evaporation and lower moisture throughout the region.

What is the name for the eastern Mediterranean region of Southwest Asia and North Africa?

The land on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea is frequently referred to as the Levant. and is often included as a part of the Middle East.

What is the main reason the Dutch and British colonized areas of Southeast Asia?

What were the main reasons why the Dutch, British, and French established colonies in Southeast Asia? All wanted raw materials for industrial development. France was also interested in Christian converts. Who benefited most from the changes that the colonial powers made in Southeast Asia?

What was the major factor that led to European colonialism in Southwest Asia North Africa?

Ethnic tensions are the prime reason for the recent patterns of migration within and outside of Southwest Asia and North Africa. The Balfour Declaration ended the 10-year war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1990). France and Britain took the early lead in colonizing North Africa.

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What country in southwest Asia has the greatest oil reserves?

Southwest Asia has the world’s largest known oil reserves. Saudi Arabia and Iran have the largest deposits of oil. Oil and natural gas have brought much wealth to some countries in this region.

Which animal is probably most to blame for the animal caused forest loss in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

6) Which animal is most to blame for the loss of forests in Southwest Asia and North Africa? Goats?

What is unique about the population of the United Arab Emirates quizlet?

What is unique about the population of the United Arab Emirates? It skews heavily male because of the large number of migrant laborers in the country.

How will climate change affect the Middle East?

Temperature rises are expected to be further amplified by reductions in rainfall and the associated depletion of soil moisture, limiting evaporative cooling. As a result, heat extremes are expected to increase significantly in both frequency and intensity across the MENA region.

What is the biggest cultural influence in North Africa?

Answer and Explanation: Islam is most likely the single biggest cultural influence in North Africa. Along with the spread of the Muslim faith came the introduction to international trade and emerging economic centers.

Why North Africa is categorized regionally with Southwest Asia?

Because of the mild climate and important rivers, North Africa / Southwest Asia saw rise to two cultural hearths. A cultural hearth is a place that comes up with a way of living (culture) that the places around it adopt. Around 6000 years ago, people settled in the Nile river valley.

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Why is the Middle East also called Southwest Asia?

The Middle East —a European term that bridges the Near East Region of present-day Turkey. Because Turkey was referred to as the Near East and India and China were the Far East, the region in between became the Middle East. This term is not entirely accurate but is widely used to refer to Southwest Asia.

What is the dominant religion in North Africa and Southwest Asia?

The religion that is most characteristic of North Africa and Southwest Asia today is Islam. Islam teaches in the existence of one God and emphasizes the belief in Muhammad as the last prophet. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims. Islam builds upon much of Jewish and Christian theology.

Which North African country has most of its population in only 3% of its land area?

The least populous country is Djibouti with a population of almost 0.9 million, accounting for about 0.15% of the total. The largest country in land area is Algeria at 2,381,740 km2. Population by country.

Country Algeria
Population Number 41,657,488
% of total MENA 7.21%
Area km2 2,381,740
% of total MENA 15.93%


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