FAQ: How To Reform Al Andalus As Morocco Eu4?

Can you form Andalusia as Morocco EU4?

Morocco can form Andalusia and get Granadan ideas too btw.

How do you form Al Andalus?

To form Andalusia, all provinces in orange must be owned and cored, as well as either the two green or the two red provinces. All shaded provinces are permanently claimed after formation.

Can Mamluks form Andalusia?

No, of course not. In contrast to thousands of years of China recreating itself after civil wars or foreign conquest, China’s death in EU4 is almost always permanent.

Can Castile form Andalusia?

According to the wiki Andalusia can be formed by any country besides Spain, the HRE, the RE or the Papal State, provided said country is Muslim and has the right culture.

Is Andalusia an end game tag?

Neither Andalusia or Mamluks are end game tags.

Is Mamluks an endgame tag?

The country: was never an end-game tag. has a culture of the Levantine culture group, but not Turkish. is not a colonial nation.

What type of government did the Mamluks have?

Mamluk, also spelled Mameluke, slave soldier, a member of one of the armies of slaves established during the Abbasid era that later won political control of several Muslim states. Under the Ayyubid sultanate, Mamluk generals used their power to establish a dynasty that ruled Egypt and Syria from 1250 to 1517.

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